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ClickPLAY 3 ClickPLAY 3

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Great style, great music

I really liked this game! I'd never played any of the previous ClickPLAY games, so I wasn't really sure what I was getting myself into. I enjoyed the music a lot, since it never got boring and actually helped calm me down when I was getting irritated (Not at the game, but at my mushy brain not working good dur hur).

Clever little puzzles all throughout. The only one that I felt that gave me trouble but not because of my own mental shortcomings was the windmill puzzle. I spun those two front windmills over and over and clockwise and counterclockwise and in all sorts of different directions and at varying speeds and at a different equatorial ratio and at a stuttering rate and then at a 3/4 tempo variant and still, nothing. Then I kind of saw something in between them, but vaguely. Turns out there was another windmill there in the middle, but I hadn't seen it.

This sort of moment in puzzle games where the mind starts to overanalyze the situation and starts to fill in gaps of logic due to moments that could have benefited from a slightly better game design is very common, but it's always that "God damn it I can't believe that was there and I just hadn't seen it!" moment.

Again though, a great little game. 9/10

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